NADA worked with global technology company Salesforce to produce an original and culturally significant Aboriginal design for installation on a large feature wall within the Salesforce Tower, 180 George Street, Sydney.

Through a careful selection process Gadigal artist Kate Constantine was chosen to craft a culturally appropriate and site-specific feature artwork. NADA worked closely with Kate throughout the project’s development, overseeing the fabrication and installation of this exceptional design. 

In the artist’s words:

“The work is titled: Gadigal-birung. The suffix ‘birung’ means to ‘belong to’ or ‘belongs to’. Therefore Gadigal-birung translates to ‘belonging to the Gadigal’ or indeed ‘Gadigal belonging to this land.’ The Gadigal have been colonised not once but twice, and this painting is a reference to our sacred harbour inlets and coastlines where only our People and Stories have strength. It is by looking into the strength of our mob’s past that we determine the future joy we have as Custodians caring for our harbour city.”

This breathtaking piece now stands as a pivotal cultural design element in the Salesforce Tower, forging a profound connection between the workspace and the ancient Gadigal Country on which it is built.

Photo credits: Images courtesy of Salesforce